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The Snacktory

Supersize Sweet Platter

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Our Supersize platter is a REAL treat for the jelly lover in your life. Jam packed with jelly goodies it is sure to go down a treat! This yummy sweet platter contains a mix of all the best  jellies! Please note contents may vary depending on availability.

Choose from:

Mixed Jelly Platter

Fizzy Jelly Platter

Plain Jelly Platter

Platters are hard plastic and reusable – platter also includes sweet bags to store your jellies for ultimate freshness once the platter has been opened.

Feeds 15 - 20+ people 

Platters contain a variety of jellies depending on availability. If you have a preference of jellies please add a note at checkout. 

Please see HERE for a list of ingredients and available Jelly options. 

Please store in a cool dry place. Packaging date and use by dates added to all platters individually.