About The Snacktory

Hey, I'm Linda and I am the one woman show behind The Snacktory 💃 with LOTS of help from my family & friends! 
I have been making hampers & sweet goodies for about 7 years now - but I have been around jellies & sweets ALL my life.
It all started when I was teeny tiny (too young but hey, it was the 90s) helping out in my grandparents shop - Finlay's Sweetshop.
Finlay's Sweetshop 'The Pink Shop'
My Mam ran the shop and I ran under her feet - the shop became my parent's business after my beloved Grandad Sean passed.
Me and my favourite person - my granda 🤍
After doing my Marketing degree and entering the corporate world in recruitment and then marketing and marketing manager I ventured back to the sweetshop and people began asking me to make them hampers and goodies. So it all started naturally. 
Fast forward to 2021 and the requests had snowballed - I had outgrown working at a desk at the back of the shop and decided to fully branch out and set up a brand and business all of my own. 
I've always said my hamper making process resembles a crazy factory hence The Snacktory.
[Snack(s) + (Fac)tory] = The Snacktory
OK I can't take the credit, my bestie Conor came up with that, great, right? 
Conor & I out gallivanting somewhere 🍻
So let's see what the next few years brings,