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The Snacktory

Fizzy Jelly Bag 275g

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Our Fizzy Jelly Bags include a large mix of jellies from our most popular options.


Red Band Sour Tongues

Red Band Sour Dummies

Red Band Sour Strawberries

Red Band Sour Briquettes

Red Band Sour Chips

Sour Apple Rings

Sour Peach Rings

Sour Strawberry Rings

Fizzy Strawberry Belts

Fizzy Blue Raspebrry Belts 

Fizzy Apple Belts

Trolli Bananas

Trolli Watermelons

Trolli Strawberry Kiss

*Please note above list is subject to what products are available and each bag may not contain all of the above products.*

Please see HERE for a list of ingredients.

Please store in a cool dry place. Packaging date and use by dates added to all bags individually.